School Uniform

The School Uniform

For Girls : (Class I to VII) Monday to Friday

Navy-blue pleated divided skirt, white blouse with loose half sleeves, plain pair of black leather shoes with straps, navy blue socks (knee high) a tie and school belt. (Classes I to IV wear the navy blue pleated divided skirt strips crossed at the back). For Classes VII on wards navy blue white salwar suite. (White Salwar and Navy blue Suite).

P.T. Uniform for classes I to VI white pleated divided skirt made of drill, white blouse and white tennis shoes and socks.

For classes VII onwards – white salwar suit.

In winter navy blue V – neck pullover as a blazer is to be worn by all pupils. White or navy blue stockings may also be worn. White or coloured cardigans, jackets and coats will not be permitted.

For Boys : (Class I to VIII) Monday to Friday

Navy Blue pant white shirt (half sleeves) plan pair of black leather shoes with straps, medium navy socks, a tie and school belt for class V on wards full pants and white shirt (half sleeves).

Class I to V half pants and white shirts (half sleeves).

In winter navy blue pants and white shirt (full sleeves) for all. P.T. uniform for classes I to VIII white pants and white shirt, white tennis shoes and white socks.

L.K.G. & U.K.G. – for Girls – Check Skirt & Blouse. 

For Boys : Check shirt and pants (Hald pants for summer & full pants for winter)